Best liability claims consulting?

At Rom Valley Consulting Group, our experts comb through the data and investigate every claim, removing betterment and all unnecessary charges while using expertise, industry knowledge, forensic, accounting and state laws to ensure proper innovation on your liability losses.

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Whether its settlement negotiations or you are looking only for audit reports, our team will put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Settlement Negotiations

With our cost analysis and principle negotiation teams, this is our number one selected service. This is a service that pays for itself. Get started by submitting your assignment here

Audit Report Only

At ROM Valley, our team will meticulously comb through and investigate all charges of the claim. Through our review of the facts, our specialists draft reports custom to the claim and your requirements.

Settlement Negotiations

Sometimes, you need a 3rd party to step in to help disputing parties reach to a mutual agreement. This is our most often used service and we pride ourselves on being the experts. Click submit below to get started.

Audit Report Only

If your team or company is looking to evaluate the risks you have or potentially may have, our audit report may be a good fit for you. We’ll craft a report based on your business needs.

Additional Analysis Types

We can help with additional analysis types such Bridges, Department of Transportation Property, Guardrail & Attenuators, Municipal Property, and more.

Start the Process by Submitting the Assignment

To get started with our services, visit our Submit Assignment page and provide the required information. The more information you provide, the quicker we will be able to process your information.

Our Team Carefully Reviews Your Submission

Our team will put their expertise to work by analyzing the information available to them for the best possible outcome. We’ll keep an open line of communication with you to keep you informed.

Reviewing the Findings With You and Your Team

Finally, we’ll review the outcome of our analysis with you and we will make ourselves available for further questions or analysis.