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Settlement Negotiations

RVCG Experts use current data, state statutes, cost analysis and principle negotiations to return damages to pre loss condition. Did you know this is all that your insured is responsible for? Settlement Negotiations is our number one selected service. This is a service that pays for itself.

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Auditing - 3rd Party

If you would like an Audit Report and only an audit report, we can help. Our 3rd Party auditing services are often times used for expert information resources when a claim is facing litigation or when dealing with an unreasonable claimant. RVCG experts use current and factual industry standard information to reflect ACV. Creating an Audit Report that returns the damages to their pre loss condition, reflecting what makes the charges fair & reasonable.

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Auditing - 1st Party

With years of knowledge and expertise, our claims specialists will audit the requests for 1st Party Property damages. Our team thoroughly goes over every detail to ensure accuracy and validity of the requests using industry standard requirements and measures to determine RCV.

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1st Party Estimate Management

Last quarter RVCG expanded, adding a department dedicated to 1st Party Property Estimate Management. Coordinating and managing 1st Party Property Damage Estimates from start to finish and securing the lowest contracted price on repairs.

Lower Fee Schedule options, as well as, Liability Training Seminars are available with supportive Yearly Claim Volumes. Please contact us for more information.