ROI Guarantee

Our Mission is to provide excellent Settlement Negotiations and Auditing Services to secure the highest attainable ROI for Insurance Companies allowing reduced bottom lines and ultimately lower premiums for Insurance Consumers.

RVCG’s Claims Intake team quickly and accurately determines whether there is savings potential or if the claim is fair and reasonable. This allows for the highest ROI achievable, as well as, a reduced turn around time on all claims.

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Lower Fee Schedule

Invest In Your Expert

RVCG was built upon our MISSION to provide excellent services as an expert BENEFIT for our consumers. We believe in minimizing costs to the fullest extent when Insurance Companies INVEST full trust & expertise accountability with RVCG. For this reason we offer contractual benefits of lower fee schedules & no administrative costs for our customers who have attainable claim volumes to support them.

For more information on Contractual Options & how to further advance your company's ROI please inquire.