ROM Valley CG is dedicated to helping our clients overcome critical challenges, regardless of their size. Our success stems from our unique approach, which sets us apart from others in our industry. We offer a broad range of services and solutions to support our clients in driving change, realizing their goals, and optimizing their financial performance by reducing policyholder premiums.

At ROM Valley, our claims processes and procedures are designed around our specialists, enabling us to effectively identify cost savings on complex claims while adhering to our clients’ claims standards.

Our team of experienced Claims Consultants specializes in handling Settlement Negotiations and Audit Reporting for Liability Claims, Complex Claims, and Large Loss Specialty Claims. Additionally, we provide a dedicated team to support adjusters with 1st Party Property Estimate Management and Auditing.

Through our expertise, we have saved our clients millions of dollars, with savings percentages reaching up to 75% of the total claim amount.

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